Flora Nicholaus Wana

Flora ist Anfang August in Hamburg angekommen. Sie stellt sich vor.

Vor dem Rathausbrunnen
Vor dem Rathausbrunnen: Sightseeing in Hamburg, hier Rathaus und Umgebung (Foto von Renate Grunert, DTP e. V.)

My name is Flora Nicholaus and I come from Tanzania. I have a degree in accounting. I like doing business, I like travelling as well as I like learning new things. On top of the above I also like helping people. I had volunteered with SHEinsipire Organization in Tanzania where we taught young girls to focus on their dreams and also to stay respectful and to behave well in the process of accomplishment of their goals. I am now south-north DTP volunteer for one year in Germany and I expect to learn a lot and to share a lot. I am now working at Büro für Kinderkulturkarawane in Climate justice program (CREACTIV FÜR KLIMAGERECHTIGKEIT). My idea is to make the world a better place for everyone. A place that everyone can leave free and enjoying the life, and so I try to be a source of changing myself by trying new things in different places with different people by sharing my ideas with different people. In addition to that I like to help other people so that they can be whatever they want to be in the society. I am so grateful to get this chance because it opens my way to new cultural experiences and so far I am happy that I experienced a new culture for instance food and language.

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    Flora ist Anfang August als weltwärts-Freiwillige nach Hamburg gekommen.

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