Hallo Hamburg!

Als weltwärts-Freiwilliger in Hamburg: Baraka Samwely James

Im Innenhof des Hamburger Rathauses
Im Innenhof des Hamburger Rathauses: Sightseeing in Hamburg (Foto von Baraka Samwely James, Baraka S. James)

Hallo, wie geht es dir? My name is Baraka Samwely James. I am a new volunteer from Tanzania to Germany 2017-1018 under DTP (Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft). I am the second born of four children in my family. I am Tanzanian. My family background is poor. I couldn’t know if one day I could fly to Europe but I was struggling as my parents told me. Now we are with mother only, my father passed away. I studied primary teaching education. I couldn’t know that I would be chosen in an interview. I know that there already were a lot of people and I might just go to waste my time – this is because corruption in Tanzania was very common, maybe this time it is reduced because of President Pombe Magufuli. I accepted to come here not only to come to Germany but because my future and interest is to help people move from negativity to positivity, to help people who are poor to identify opportunities, to help orphans and widows. Why orphans and widows? After my father’s death my family needed to get money for inheritance because my father was a soldier. But our relatives took all the money and separated us from the clan, so we lose all of my father’s relatives, we started to fight for life as children like child labour. We were forced to do it. No one helped us because everyone asked for money and the law didn’t allow as nowadays. So I hope to be one who can educate people and connect them to be helpful in different aspects, for example law, economically to give opportunities for poor people for work, education and awareness to the community and the world in general. So this program helps me to learn for my future, from unknown to known. Thanks to all people who are involved in this program: you are not doing nothing, you create the respective and bright world, not only generation. Thanks!

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    Baraka lebt seit Anfang August 2017 als weltwärts-Freiwilliger in Hamburg.

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